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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Annie’s Musings

A Letter to my Mom, Kilauea Fashion

By MV Fashanna

Summer 2010


Dear Mom,


Whas up? I up here chillin’ in the OK…LOL.


Kathleen told me I am going to have a little brother or sister, kinda cool I guess, as long as you love me the most.  Since I already am a ½ sister, I guess I can be another ½ sister… BJ (MV Bettes Joy) is fun to have around…I guess I can dig it. 


Mom, I have been pretty busy lately.  Earlier in the spring, Kathleen didn’t ride me for 6 weeks because she broke her ribs but that wasn’t MY bad.  BJ got busted for that one.  Anyway, we went to a riding clinic which was interesting.  Kathleen learned to do all these exercises with me and I feel mega good!  I know how to stretch and lift my back and we have practiced working with each other from both sides.  Kathleen is practicing getting on and off me and leading me from both sides…this is very hard for her since, as you know, she is dyslexic.  I am being very good and standing really still…I don’t want her to get hurt again…I was BORED BORED BORED when she wasn’t riding me.  She said my shoes are wearing perfectly evenly so she knows I am well balanced from the exercises…I wonder if she will let me take gymnastics lessons…I pretend I am a gymnast in my field…they are da bomb.   Annnnywhoooo, now I am getting to go out about 4 days a week, mostly training with Kira.  Kira is nice to me; I think riding with her is hecka fun. Kira is my home girl.  We are tight.   


I am working so hard Mom; you would be proud of me, I’m no slacker.  I am trotting up mega hills.  I am crossing all kinds of water.  I stand by rocks and stumps and banks for Kathleen to get on…man, she is vertically challenged, huh?  LOL! I even get to canter on the trail this year!  Whoop Whoop! 


And you would be proud of how BRAVE I am this year!  I saw a BEAR on the trail and I didn’t even flinch.  And I almost got run over by some mountain bikers and I did spin to get out of the way but then I stopped and walked up to them and let them pet me.  Today I met cows!  Ewwwwwwwwww, they REEK!  And they walk soooooo slow.  I was afraid at first but I found out they will run from me if I walk up to them.  The bull is a little scary… I won’t walk up to that dude.  Dude grunts and growls…he’s a real wing nut…keeping space between me and him.


Kathleen says I am going to another endurance ride in July.  I will write and let you know how I do.  Kathleen says I will do great because my heart rates are awesome.  She called me Awesome Annie Banany…she told me she called you Punkin’ Horse when she was happy with you…I like it when she calls me Annie Banany …cuz then I know she loves me J 


Kendal and Kathleen have been teaching BJ lots of stuff.  She has learned how to back out of the trailer, wear a fly bonnet, get fly sprayed and get a sponge bath.  They make a big deal about it every time she does something new.  I think it is BOGGGGGUUUUUSSSSSSS—I did ALL those things when I was only 4!  Big deal, humph…don’t see why she gets cookies for those things.  Geez, she even had to LEARN how to eat cookies!  ROTFLMAO! Can you believe it???  I am pretty sure I was born knowing about cookies; they are my fave.


Well I should go and eat some pasture.  It is very green this year since it has rained a bunch.  Kathleen says to tell you hi and she misses you but she is having fun with me. 






Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Annie’s Musings to Kilauea Fashion

A Letter to my Mom in Honor of Marjorie VanGilder for whom I was named

March 2010

By MV Fashanna



Dear Mom,

Remember when you always used to leave with Smooth and go away for a few days and then come back and tell me about Endurance rides?  Mom!  I got to go to Home on the Range!  It was totally rad!  And Mom, I got a completion!  I did the LD, Kathleen said it was a 25; all I know is I was so tired I forgot to eat for the first time in my life.  Everything you told me about endurance riding was true and I should have gotten suspicious right away on Thursday when Kendal came over but we didn’t go riding.  Instead, Kendal and Kathleen gave me a bath!  No kidding and even though the water was hot the wind was c-c-c-c-c-old.  Then Kendal walked me until I was dry while Kathleen loaded all my junk in the trailer….except it seemed like more junk than I have!  On Friday morning Smooth shows up.  (Oh yea, he said to tell you hi and that he really misses you.  He said to tell you that he got 12th on the 50 but if you were there he would have gotten top ten because you guys had synergy… geez Mom…that guy is in love with you.  He’s OK I guess but he isn’t my type and he is too old for me.)  Anyway, where was I?   Oh yea, Mom, I was SOOOOOOO nervous!  When I got in the trailer and looked in the front stall it was stacked FULL of stuff so I got back out again!  Finally, Kathleen convinced me that it was safe to stay in the trailer and then Smooth got in with me!  Geez, I have only done 6 conditioning rides with him…seemed weird to be in the trailer with him.  We rode in the trailer for 5 hours (he’s not much of a talker is he?), got to camp, unloaded and holy moly there were so many trailers!  There were almost 200 horses there and some of them were whinnying and pacing around and it made it very hard for me to concentrate.  I kept forgetting to eat because there were so many things to look at!  The wind was blowing like crazy man!  Kendal’s hat blew off and hit me in the butt and I about jumped over the trailer…sheez.  We went to a place Kathleen called the VET CHECK.  It seemed to be very important—she told me you were always good at the VET CHECK, whatever… I wasn’t so good Mom but I saw some other horses that were naughtier than me.  I heard some people say I was pretty because I stretched out to look at a tent blowing in the wind.  Dr. Petersen gave me all A’s except for gut sounds…how can a girl eat when there is so much to look at?  Geez!  I was on the Hi Tie…Kathleen said she didn’t trust me in your corrals yet…like what a bummer…Kira (did I tell you she came too?) and Smooth got corrals…I felt like a nerd on the Hi Tie.  

So Saturday morning horses started leaving camp right at the crack of dawn.  Kim and Smooth snuck out while I was being distracted (that Kathleen is pretty tricky isn’t she?) but Kira stayed with me.  Finally, when it seemed like all the horses were gone from camp Kira, and Kathy, Kathleen and I headed out on a “trail ride”.  Kathleen said we were starting late so I wouldn’t be so nervous but I wasn’t sure what she was talking about.   We followed a trail where I could see all the other horses had gone and after we had been trotting for awhile we caught up with some other horses and trotted by.  We went up and down hills (Kathleen said to tell you it is a new course, not the one you have done), crossed a creek, followed fence lines and went through tall grass.  Finally we came to a water trough where lots of other horses were coming from another trail.  HOLY COW MOM!  Some of them were going fast!  I got scared and I started to prance and snort but Kathleen said I “held it together” even though I forgot to get a drink of water.  We started following the FAST HORSES and we ended up back at camp.  Kendal was there!  I was glad to see her!  She gave me a treat.  A nice man listened to my heart and said I was “DOWN” but I felt really “UP”!  Then we went to see Dr. Petersen again and just like my first VET CHECK he gave me all A’s except for a B on gut sounds…Kathleen says I have to learn to eat like you so I will get A’s on my gut sounds.  We went to the trailer and I got lots of goodies and Kendal held me while I grazed and I got a drink of water but I thought it was freaky that they didn’t take my saddle off.  Right then I figured out I was on an endurance ride!  Sure ‘nuff, Kathleen put my bit back in and tightened my cinch and we went to the vet check and Kathleen yelled “#35 OUT” and by gosh out we went.  We took right off trotting down a road, over more hills, around buttes and finally were back at the fast horse water trough and this time I got a BIG drink!  Then we trotted over the fast horse’s trail and I got to be fast!  It was lots more fun than prancing!  I got passed but I also passed some horses—what a rush!  I want to do it again and pass MORE horses!  Kathleen said we passed about 30 horses during the day.  We came back into camp and the nice man listened to my pulse and said I was down again…I just don’t get him…I was really feeling cheerful.  This time at the trailer Kathleen and Kendal pulled my tack and cleaned me up and then we went to the VET CHECK AGAIN…sheez…how many VET CHECKS have you been to Mom?  Dr. Root gave me all A’s except, you guessed it, gut sounds.  MOM!  MY CRI was 48/48 – I could tell Kathleen was happy about that – Mom, what’s a CRI?  Anyway, Dr. Root told Kathleen I should have gone 50 so I guess at Mt Adams I am going 50….Mom, what’s going 50?  Kathleen says you thought going 50 was a walk in the park…so I guess we are going for a walk in the park…is Mt Adams a park?

Now I see why we have been doing all these hard rides on the weekends…I have to be in shape if I am going to pass other horses!  I have started begging Kathleen for a Wii system so I can work out on my own at home.  She says they don’t have Wii endurance and that I am going to have to keep going on rides with BJ, Kira, and Smooth but I think cross training would be good, don’t you?  I could have the Wii in my stall and do workouts when it is stormy outside.

We came home today and I ran over to tell BJ all about endurance rides.  Kathleen asked me to have you tell Dee that my legs look great—something about cold and hard…hmmm….humans care about the weirdest things. 

Let’s see, what else is new?  OH YEA!  I got to see Nathan the CHIRO-PRAC-TOR again.  I definitely dig that guy.  He checked me all over and said I held my adjustments and called me a good girl.  Seeing the CHIRO-PRAC- TOR is fun! 

BJ, my sister, crashed into the fence and Nathan had to do lots of work on her.  I remember when I used to run around like crazy when you left me and I guess she did the same thing when I left her a few weeks ago.  What a baby.  She doesn’t get to go to endurance rides yet because she isn’t as cool as me,haha.  She does go on conditioning rides with me though and then Kendal rides me and Kathleen rides BJ and I feel  a little jealous but it is ok because I really LOVE Kendal.  I am sooooooooooo jazzed that she was at my first endurance ride.  She gave me a massage and let me graze and banded my mane so I was pretty in purple. 

Write me soon and tell me how things are down on the ranch.  Kathleen says I will get to stop and visit this summer on my way to endurance rides.  I hope you are proud of me.  I tell everyone you are my mom!  Now that I am grown up I want to be just like you!   





To create the mare God spoke to the South Wind:
'I will create from you a being which will be a happiness to the good and a misfortune to the bad. Happiness shall be on its forehead, bounty on its back and joy in the possessor.



Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Annie’s Musings

By MV Fashanna



Hi, my name is MV Fashanna but my friends and family call me Annie.  My mom, Kilauea Fashion, used to write these articles but this fall she retired from endurance and went back to the ranch at Wasco to start having babies.  I feel a little guilty because she had to retire due to “complications of a kick injury” according to Kathleen (she is our human) and I am pretty sure I am the one that kicked her…oops, my bad…well, she shouldn’t have tried to boss me around…I am not a filly anymore ya know!  Anyway, since mom went to the ranch Kathleen said I needed to take over writing the articles.  I wanted to start a Twitter or do a Facebook or a My Space but Kathleen said we had to do it the old fashioned way and when I could pay my own cell bill I could have my own phone…whatever.  So here I am, dictating to Kathleen, who says I am ADD (attention deficit disorder) but she just says that because she is a smarty-pants teacher….hey, look!  A bunny!   Uhhhh, oh yea, well, anyway, I am going to try to fill my mom’s shoes and become Kathleen’s endurance horse and write articles for VanGilder Arabians webpage!  Geez, thinking about that makes me a little nervous; those are pretty big shoes to fill!

As part of stepping up and as Kathleen says “Putting on my big girl panties” I am getting all the athlete horse treatment.  I recently was visited by the chiropractor …that’s a funny word…k-k-k-k-KI-RO-PRAC-TOR…ha ha - oh!  Well, anyway, he adjusted me all over and it felt so good … I might have a crush on the KI-RO-PRAC-TOR.  Kathleen said I get to see him once a month now that I am going to be a REAL endurance horse. 

OMG!  Yesterday, Kendal (my other human) and Kathleen loaded me in the big silver trailer right at dawn (usually I go in the little white trailer).  Since my mom is gone whenever I go in the trailer I get to see other horses –definitely a bonus—someone that actually speaks fluent equine—so I hopped right in.  But instead of a 15 to 30 minute drive to one of our riding spots we drove through the Espresso stand, very weird, and then I was on the trailer 3 ½ hours…yes, I said HOURS!  When I got out of the trailer we were in the woods and there were horses everywhere!  While Kendal groomed me and tacked me up Kathleen went and groomed another mare, humph, I admit I was a little jealous.  Then Kathleen went off with some people and the other mare and rode in an arena on the new mare, who she called BJ.  After awhile, Kendal brought me to the arena and rode me around with Kathleen and BJ and then we went on a little trail ride through the trees with another lady and a little gray horse.  I got worked in the arena some more after the trail ride.  But Kendal didn’t ride me, Lydia, the trainer rode me.  She was really telling me to work and I got a little mad and had a little temper tantrum but she just made me work harder!  I was going to tell her she wasn’t the boss of me but it turned out she was the boss of me.  While she was riding me everyone talked about how pretty I am and said I would be good at dressage, whatever that is. 

After being untacked and groomed I knew it was time to get in the trailer but instead of loading me Kathleen loaded BJ!  I was really getting a bit ticked off!  That is MY trailer!  I got to load after BJ and we headed home.  As I chatted with Beej (that is what I am going to call her—Beeeeeejah with a long “e”) in the trailer I realized we had grown up together.  She and I were born the same year at VanGilder Arabians and were in the same herd until I came to live with Kathleen.  I told her how long it was going to take to get home and we caught up on what had been going on in our lives.  Turns out Beej (her real name is MV Bettes Joy) has had two foals (what a hussy) but she still has a nice figure.  She has only been gone from Wasco for a couple months while she has learned how to be ridden.  I told her all about Okanogan and how pampered we are living with Kathleen.  I even told her about the KIRO-PRAC-TOR (oh that word just cracks me up).  I told her about our farrier, John and that he was coming to see us in a couple days.  I told her about our vet, Cody.  I told her about Kira, my mentor mare and all about the cool places we ride.  I told her about MUSH, yum I LOVE mush.  She didn’t seem to know about mush so I told her to just push her pan under the fence and I would take care of it for her, hehehe.

When we got home it was dark, well, except for the flood lights on the yard and in the barn.  Beej seemed a little nervous but I told her everything was ok.  I want to be sure she knows who is boss though so when we got turned loose in our adjoining paddocks I pulled a mean trick on her.  I told her to come and stand by me and when she tried to she got shocked on the electric fence between our paddocks…hahahaha, that will show her who is boss around here…my bad. 

Apparently Kathleen really likes Beej because she kept coming out to check on us all evening and first thing this morning and she went in Beej’s paddock and petted her and talked to her but just petted me through the fence, humph.  I have been an only horse for two months and I liked all the attention; I don’t know if I want this new chick to stay here.  I bet she thinks she is “ALL THAT” because she has white socks and a bald face and a flaxen mane, humph.   I bet she thinks she will get to share my byline on the articles too, humph.  I am going to pin my ears at her and make sure she knows this is MY barn. 

Hey!  Kathleen has put on her riding clothes!  We must be going for a ride so I will catch you all on the flip flop!  Later gator…after awhile crocodile…hmmm, I love rhymes.